Our Vermont Forest Conservation Project aims to increase carbon capture by ensuring the long-term conservation and sustainable management of mixed hardwood and conifer forests in the Adirondacks of central Vermont to preserve their existing and future carbon stocks which could otherwise be lost to commercial timber harvesting. 

Located on privately owned lands of Middlebury College, the project protects over 2,500 acres of forest in the Green Mountains of central Vermont.  The college uses the property for outdoor recreational opportunities and educational activities for students.  The project also safeguards cultural heritage as the historic cabin where Robert Frost wrote during the summers is located on the property.

In addition to carbon capture and storage, the project protects habitat healthy populations of fox, coyotes, moose, fisher cat, deer, turkey and black bears.  Fresh water systems like the East Middlebury River are also protected as the surrounding forests act as a natural water filters and purify the water for all who use it.  


The project's carbon offsets are ex-post credits with a perpetual permanence protection backstopped by a buffer pool. The project follows the American Carbon Registry Improved Forest Management Methodology, and is third-party verified and validated. The project follows the six principles of carbon offset projects and is tracked on the ACR third-party public carbon-reduction registry.