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BEE Our Guest: Create a Bee Hotel on your property.

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

How to provide a safe haven for one of the world’s most important guests.

When it comes to safeguarding the environment, one of your most important guests is buzzing all around. Bees are powerful pollinators that make the world we live in a better place; responsible for the reproduction of over 80% of flowering plants and more than $217 billion worth of crop pollinating services globally. More than a 1/3 of the food humans eat is the result of animal pollination.

Those are some busy bees! With tons of environmental stressors and habitat scarcity to contend with, our pollinator pals need a place to stay. Create a Bee Hotel on your property and provide a safe haven for one of the world’s most important gue

Option #1 - Make your own DIY Bee Hotel

  1. Gather hollow plant stems, bark and wood scraps

  2. Bundle stems and twigs together creating tunnels approximately 20cm in length in wooden crates or cartons.

  3. Place your bee hotel in a safe spot on the property, away from high traffic guest areas, with plenty of sun and shelter from the rain.

Get More Instructions on building a DIY Bee Hotel...

Option #2 - Buy affordable cardboard Bee Tubes

Affordable cardboard tubes ($25) are another option to support your local bee population and encourage pollination of your flowers and plants.

Shop Amazon for Cardboard Bee Tubes...

Share your Success!

Post your Bee Hotel photos on EcoStay Facebook or Instagram. Include the hashtag #WorldHoneyBeeDay

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