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align your hotel with meaningful change.

Aligning with a cause is the most important thing you can do for your brand. Sharing values with your guests’ leads to increased loyalty and enhanced guest experience.


EcoStay delivers a simple, seamless way to expand your sustainability platform and improve your operating costs.  Our turnkey hospitality program is designed to help businesses like yours join the responsible tourism movement and do more.

  • Align your hotel with the environmental movement 

  • Engage guests with virtual planting experience

  • Support local conservation and carbon capture

  • Raise awareness and education

  • Reduce operating costs and your carbon footprint.

  • Win RFPs

Our no-cost program reduces your costs while creating a better future for us all.

Does this sound familiar?

Our larger corporate clients actually inquire as to our hotel’s environmental initiatives as part of the RFP process.” 

- Peter Snook -   GM, Sawridge Inn

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Take a look at how EcoStay works.

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